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Saturday, April 28, 2018

April 2018 TT YogaWorks Intensive

Wow it's April and we are not fooled.  April begins the 200 Teacher Training Intensive.  This program runs Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm....it's intense.  Week 1 we practice neutral and external standing poses.  There's magic in standing poses so we do those first.  Week 2 we explore Surya Namaskara and Inversions.  What an exciting first two weeks.  In this container we explore asana, anatomy and philosophy.  It is a great way to explore yoga.  I am grateful to have a wonderful group and to be working with the lovely and talented Jessica Seaburn.

Will keep you posted as the weeks unfold.  Until later PEACE OUT YOGIS

Michelle McKay

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

March Madness 2018

OMG do watch college basketball??? well you should check out Villanova Jalen Brunson....He's going all the way.  So proud of the Brunson family and how they love their children and love basketball!

I had a chance to go to a NCAA woman's basketball this month as well it is exciting to watch friends and family members excel and to see the passion they have for their sport.

March was busy for me doing TT in Mission Viejo and trying to keep the momentum going by getting more students in my AM classes!  There are so many wellness centers and med spa popping up all over Costa Mesa and Newport such opportunities for Yogis to work with each other!

Let's talk food .....Olea, Country Club and three other restaurants that will be opening right here in little Costa Mesa....well I would say little Costa Mesa is growing up....so exciting

namaste see you in the hall of yoga


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